An hour-long interview with me: Poetry as Perpetual Speech (RTE Radio 1)

This is a radio interview (broadcast on Monday Mach 9, 2015) that is loosely based on the talk I gave at Poetry Now in Dun Laoghaire in March 2015.

I am speaking with Vincent Woods, poet, playwright and broadcaster and host of RTE 1 Radio’s hour-long programme Arts Tonight. Vincent and his producer Cliodhna Ni Anluain are wholly dedicated to giving airtime to in-depth arts conversations…Tom Pickard phoned the radio station to thank them after he heard this.  Bravo Arts Tonight! And thanks for giving me space to share some thoughts (and voices of some wonderful poets).

Current project: Perpetual Speech: Hollis Frampton and Lyric Poetry

I’ve written a book on Hollis Frampton’s film Gloria! and what it tells us about lyric poetry’s place in film. This research was done as part of a PhD at the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry in Belfast finished last spring. I’m doing some more work on it now on Frampton’s relationship with Ezra Pound and its impact on his filmmaking. This photo of Frampton was taken by his partner Marion Faller, who died at this time last year.

Keynote talk at Oslopoesi Film in Norway, January 2015

I gave the keynote talk at Oslopoesi Film, which is a fantastic critical and creative space for poetry and its intersection with film. My talk centred on the problem of voiceover, which I see as an overly used ‘go to’ method for putting poems into cinema. There were presentations by J.P. Sipila (Finland), Marie Silkeberg (Sweden), Steve Roggenbuck (US) among others.